What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

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Residents of Melbourne have a passion for creating modern properties with a well functioning roof. After the roof has been constructed, it is also very important to maintain it in the best condition. The roof cannot be left alone and expected to function optimally on its own through rough weather. Roof Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne is an important part of proper roof maintenance. Gutter cleaning includes cleaning of the gutters at least 2 times a year, at the beginning of spring and fall. With the use of proper techniques and tools, it is possible to maintain roof gutters all the year around.

Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Investment in good quality roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne has ample benefits. It can help save thousands of dollars, which may be spent on repairs later on. This happens because, with clean gutters, there is a better chance of avoiding flooding and foundation issues. Cleaning becomes all the more essential if the building is located in an area which receives high rainfall and snow. If you are not sure on how to identify and repair a broken gutter, here’s an interesting piece of information.

If gutters are not cleaned, then serious damage may occur to life and property. The issues which can develop at a property in such a situation are:

Rotting Of Wood

When the gutters become clogged, water will overflow onto the building and will be trapped in the gutter after the rain. Moisture can cause rot to develop in the wood near the gutters. The wood rot can spread to the adjacent areas like the attic providing an easy point of entry for rodents. The gutters can also sag as a result of the fasteners coming loose from the weight of the soggy debris. This rotting of wood can lead to a chain of events where the whole roof structure can be altered.

Damage To Foundation

Unclean gutters will cause the water to overflow from the gutters and fall along the foundation of the building. The soil under and around the building can soften, which can lead to foundation cracks. A wet foundation will freeze causing heaving and cracks. In many cases, water damage can cause structural failure in a building.

Infestation With Insects

The debris which is present in the gutter, when moist, is an attractive habitat for insects, such as termites and carpenter ants. The insects will be attracted to the inside of a house when the weather changes and this can lead to pest infestation inside the home. Not cleaning the gutters will lead to an infestation of those damaging pests. Hence, unclean gutters can cause problems to the interior of a property.

roof gutter cleaning melbourne
Leaking Roofs

When gutters don’t drain properly, it can contribute to building up of ice in them during the winter. This keeps the melted snow from draining off the roof properly, keeps the water and wet snow against the house. The water often migrates into the house and results in wall leaks, ceiling leaks and moisture in the attic. Moisture can not only damage the paint, but also the basic structure of the building.

Basement Leaks

The way in which clogged gutters can damage a building’s foundation is by allowing water to collect close to the base of the structure. The water then infiltrates into the basement walls. If water does leak into the basement then severe damage can occur, causing smells, water leakage, flooding and black mould. Any damage caused to the foundation may prove to be detrimental to protecting the integrity of the building structure.

Damage To Landscape

Water that falls from the gutters which are obstructed can kill grass and plants living below. When the plants die then their roots can no longer contribute to holding the soil in place. The water then washes away exposed topsoil and sand. Leaving for long enough can cause erosion and etching away on the landscape under the clogged gutter leading to the formation of a ditch.


The best way to deal with such a situation is to find reliable Gutter Cleaning Melbourne service. When the gutters are cleaned in time then harmful weather cannot affect the roof and this will prove to be beneficial in increasing its life. Professional cleaners have experience in providing good quality services to a variety of clients and hence, are the best people to deal with the cleaning of gutters.