Helpful End of Lease Cleaning Tips to Get 100% Bond Back

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Moving to another place is not an easy task. It requires a lot of packing and arrangements. When you decide to move to a new location, everything has to be planned to avoid the hassle. Keeping in mind the recent real estate climate, there are many individuals who have adopted the option of living in rental properties. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, there are 30% of households occupied by renters.

So, if you are living in a leased apartment in Melbourne, then it is necessary to clean the place before leaving. As there are several landlords who will hold your bond and won’t give it to you until they ensure that their property is as clean as it was at the time they gave you.

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End of lease cleaning in Melbourne is essential for tenants to ensure that they get their deposit money back. Adding to this, at the time of moving there are lots of other tasks you need to complete and you probably don’t have the time to clean the house from top to bottom. Never miss these tasks while considering the end of lease cleaning.

According to the survey of income and housing across Melbourne, on an average household spend 14% of their gross weekly income on housing costs. Hence, to avoid the additional housing a cost, hiring an expert end of lease cleaning in Melbourne becomes essential.

You can observe some of the important tips on the end of lease cleaning, which are exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

  1. Exterior Cleaning Tips

Most of the homeowners forget to keep the exterior of their home as clean as it should be. Here are several things to keep in mind as you clean that can help make exterior house cleaning easier.

End of Lease cleaning Melbourne

  • Use pressure washers for cleaning the exterior of your house as they are versatile and used to remove dirt or grime that builds over the year.
  • Replace any outdoor bulbs that have blown and clean all lighting.
  • Empty and wash the bins.
  • Opt for gutter cleaning to remove debris and avoid roof from damage.
  • Thoroughly clean the entire exterior surface from outdoor chairs to window sills.


  1. Interior Cleaning Tips

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Letting property at an end of tenancy can be stressful. Hence, in order to get 100% bond back ensure that your interior end of the lease cleaning is done properly. Follow these tips to ensure thorough interior house cleaning:-

  • Wipe down all cabinets. You would be shocked how much food splatters and grease get on the doors and hardware.
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans and don’t forget to clean out the tracks.
  • Washed or dry cleaned old curtains and re-hang them.
  • Empty all shelves, wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, then clean them deeply.
  • Clean your air conditioner vents and ensure that the filter has been washed and dried.
  • Give your house or apartment glasses sparkling shine by thorough cleaning using glass cleaner.
  • Opt for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne to remove stains and marks from your carpet.
  • In case you are living in a fully furnished house, then ensure all furniture supplied by the landlord has been cleaned.
  1. Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Declutter your kitchen for maximum buyer appeal. To help you focus on the adventures in your new property and lighten the tension of moving, read these helpful end of tenancy kitchen cleaning tips:-

end of lease cleaning Melbourne

  • Clean the dishwasher to remove any build-up grime, if applicable. Also, don’t forget to clean the rubber seals and the filter.
  • Remove all food scraps from the sinkhole and ensure that water is freely drained. You can use mineral oil and a soft sponge to give your stainless-steel sink a shiny look.
  • Clean the space behind the microwave to create a hygienic appeal.
  • Stove burners are dirt magnets; hence use ammonia for cleaning and removing all frying pan drips.
  • Remove all refrigerator trays and rack, soak them in soapy water. The dry and place them back in the refrigerator.
  1. Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Before you move out, you need to return the property in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the tenancy. For 100% bond back, bathroom cleaning is essential as it enhances the overall beauty of your bathroom. Let’s get started with these tips:-

  • Wipe everything in your bathroom including sink, bath, toilet, tiles and mirrors to remove any stains.
  • With deep clean glass shower walls and doors, ensure that you use a paste of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Make sure that all signs of soap scum and mould have been removed from your bathroom.
  • Clean towel rails and toilet roll holders.
  • Scrub the floors and clean out the grout lines.


In conclusion, be smart, save the hard work and have your hard earn bond money back with efficient end of lease cleaning Melbourne service.