6 Reasons To Choose Commercial Vinyl Flooring

vinyl plank flooring Melbourne

Choosing new flooring for your room can be really exciting but a little bewildering too. There are a number of different floorings available and choosing one out of the lot can be a difficult task.

Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for a consumer in Melbourne. Its availability in a variety of colours, style and textures is the reason behind its growing popularity. In the past, it was often taken as the non-glamorous and the cheaper flooring. But, thanks to the advancement in technology, vinyl plank flooring in Melbourne now gives durability and water-resistance along with high-end finishes.

It is indeed worth taking a look to see if commercial flooring in Melbourne is the best choice for you or not

vinyl plank flooring Melbourne

  1. Easier And Quicker Installation

One of the major advantages of commercial vinyl flooring in Melbourne is the easy installation. Because vinyl flooring is available in sheets or planks it can easily be rolled out and is easy to install. The surface beneath which the vinyl flooring has to be installed should be smooth as any flaws or imperfections will show easily as notches or indents.

  1. Durability

The important concern with today’s customers is about the lack of durability of the floor tiling. However, with commercial vinyl flooring in Melbourne, this wouldn’t be the concern anymore. Vinyl flooring, if properly installed and maintained can even last for about 10 to 20 years. With the wear layer on the top of the vinyl flooring, it is guaranteed to last a long span even in cases of maximum usage.

  1. Water-Resistance

One of the major advantages of installing vinyl plank flooring in Melbourne is its ability to absorb moisture, thus making it absolutely suitable for any type of installations. Be it your rooms or bathrooms, vinyl flooring is totally non-resistant to splashes and spills of water and have 100 percent waterproof backings. It is ideally suited for places involving maximum usage of water, including kitchens and bathrooms.

  1. A Wide Variety Of Styles And Colours

With the advancement in the technology, vinyl flooring has started replacing other types of floorings in terms of textures and substances. It is available in a variety of colours and patterns that can suit any theme or virtually any decor style of your house. The most popular of the vinyl designs are those that imitate the appearance of natural materials like timber or natural stone.

  1. Hygienic And Stain-Resistant

The fact that vinyl plank flooring in Melbourne is becoming popular these days is because it is easy to clean, is stain-resistant and fire resistant. Due to these reasons, vinyl plank flooring is the popular choice in hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare places. The wear layer in this type of flooring acts as a barrier to protect it from spills and stains. All you need to do is a vacuum and wipe the dust away regularly with a clean mop to ensure that it looks as good as new.

  1. Underfoot Comfort

Being water-resistant, vinyl flooring does not expand or contract during moist conditions making it a great option in traditionally cold areas. Also, resilient commercial flooring in Melbourne has support layers beneath their surface, thus making it easier to walk on than on stone or wood.


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